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Are we too Busy?

Are we too indifferent or caught up in life to reach out?

Gone are the days when we used to have our names written on the pews. However, are there some of us who still have our names on the pews, figuratively.

We can see that this particular crisis of faith will cause some to look desperately for life and meaning. Some of those dear ones will show up at our door. They will be looking for a welcoming pew, or seat. They will be looking for someone to welcome them.

“The question is this: Will we be too caught up with life, or too busy, to even see that person, or welcome him ro her?”

Have we welcomed Jesus in the stranger? Have we welcomed each other?

Jesus hidden in a stranger. Jesus is in each one of us. Will we welcome them? Will we welcome each other? Are we too busy? 

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