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When Will my Power Come Back On?

What was it like when the power came back on after last weeks hurricane? Were you happy, even
joyful? It’s how we feel when lost things come back.
The father in todays Gospel rejoiced in his son’s return; he wrapped his arms around him; clothed him
not just physically but in his identity as his beloved son who has a place in his house. Then he invited him
into the house and shared a feast and rejoiced.
The father says to the eldest son, all I have is yours. You see the older son saw himself as a slave. The
father had to remind him of his identity. You have a place here. And he invites him to share the heart he
has for the lost son. Until the older son takes on the father’s heart he hasn’t really grown up, he hasn’t
taken on his identity. For us in the church who has been around for along time we have to be reminded
of the same message sometimes. The Lord wants us to know our identity as sons and daughters of God
and know we are loved.
Today in the parable of the prodigal son, the father asks the older son to share in his joy for the lost
coming home. He asks the older son to share his heart for the lost and it’s the same thing Jesus is asking
each of us. You have always known my house, will you share the love I have for those who are trying to
get there? Will you wait on the path, welcoming and inviting all you see? Will you invite them for a
And that my friends is the heart of Alpha, that’s why its such a high priority for us. We want to welcome
people into an experience for the Father’s love for them as they share our table and our conversations. I
know its hard to invite others, but if we don’t do it, who will. For a lot of people we are it. Who will you
invite? Who do you have the father’s heart for? Pray for them and invite them to Alpha so that they may
experience the Father’s love for them.

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