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Make This Year Actually Awesome!

The only way this year will be awesome is if we grow more fully into our identity as sons and daughters of God and if we fully take up our call to be missionary disciples in a fallen world that needs Jesus. 

This year we want to go after the Lord's will for our lives with all we have to give, with a sense of urgency. 

The shepherds went with haste to meet the Christ child, there was no time to waste. 

We aren't always faced with ordinary circumstances. Sometimes you just have to act. Especially if the Lord is calling you to do something. There is a window of time that we have to respond to that grace. it may be short it may be long. But that is the window we have and we have to get on board with what the Lord is asking us to do. 

When we know what the Lord is asking of us, when it is clear, we have to just go for it. We have to give our yes to him.

"Whatever it is, I give you my unconditional yes. I will do it. I will go." 

When we do that, when we trust the Lord, he is going to speak to us more clearly because he knows that we are all in. He wants us to let him in. He wants to take the lead in our lives. 

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