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Lord we Give you Permission to Set Us on Fire

The scriptures offer us some wonderful life advice. Hebrews today compares our life of faith to a race;
one we need to persevere in; one that we need grace for; and elsewhere in scripture it says we need to
win. God wants to give us this grace to be holy and run well. Do you have a story in your life where you
had to run the race, something in your life where you just had to persevere when you just thought you
had nothing more to give? But somehow you said, “Lord make haste to help me” and you were able to
persevere. Maybe it was something with your children, at your job, in your marriage, maybe you’ve
battled depression or had to contend with a serious illness but somehow by the grace of God you
persevered. It probably didn’t feel good at the time. Maybe you felt like Jerimiah, down a well, sinking in
the mud, out of options. What was he going to do? Pray, turn to God, ask for His help.