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Let the Main Thing be the Main Thing

We spend too much time looking at ourselves and forget what is going on out there. We lose sight of the bigger picture. We become self-referential. 

We need to keep the main thing the main thing. We need to know what or rather who we are pursuing. We need to keep the building up of the kingdom of God our target. Every arrow we shoot needs to be aimed at that.

We need to hear this over and over again because we so easily get distracted. We live in a culture of distractions. We are good at getting distracted from the main thing. 

He has to be our main priority. Everything else has to be secondary to that lived relationship with our God. Every single decision that we make, every single activity that we do, has to flow from that fundamental decision that we made to follow Jesus as his disciple. 

The single most important thing worth doing in our lives is the Will of God. 

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