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Build Yourself Up

3 things we can do to battle against worry.

  1. Develop the practice of turning to God in the midst of the worrying things in life. Even if you don't feel like it, make the choice to surrender to him. 
  2. Don't seek out and over saturate yourself with news about all the awful things happening in the world. Instead, use that time to read something that will build you up. 
  3. Make time in life for prayer, which feeds the soul. Make time for good reading, which feeds the mind. Make time for good nutrition and exercise, which feeds the body. This is how God has created us. We need to look after every aspect of ourselves. If we are faithful in these things it will make it easier to battle with things that worry us when they come along. 

"Start the day with prayer and end the day with prayer." 

We are not stewards of the problems of the universe. We are stewards of God's mysteries

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