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“Holy Trinity, united together”

We’ve seen people rally around a cause. We see it in the sports world as we did this week with the
Toronto Raptors as many Canadians watched the final game. Perhaps you rallied together for other
things, to study for exams, or in a family with chronically ill members people come together to help an
ailing loved one. When something is important and urgent, we tend to set aside other things in our lives
to do things that are great. It produces a passion in us, and we do whatever it takes. It’s an image of
what Jesus does for us. He does whatever it takes. He pays the ultimate cost for our sake.
We celebrate Holy Trinity Sunday today, God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, undivided unity, a mystery we
can’t fully know. Jesus speaks to us today in the Gospel about the oneness of the Trinity and that we are
called also to be joined to God in a mystical beautiful way. We were created for union with God. And of
course in our sin we were divided but God in His great love for us sent his only begotten Son to die for us
on the cross to that unity could be restored so that we could have a relationship with our God once
again. He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and the Spirit reminds us what God has taught us. God is
passionate about unity. It pains him that there are divisions in the church. And God’s particular will for
us at this time is that we be one united Parish.
We have received the statement of intent this week from the archdiocese to decree Holy Trinity as one
Parish. Now we must ask ourselves; what does that mean for us to be one parish; Holy Trinity Parish.
There has been a union of hearts and minds here and we have to remember that we do have a future of
hope, building on the legacy that has been built in our three parishes but now we have to do it together
as one. Its time to choose the future together and put behind any past hurts, grudges, forgive and be
forgiven, to choose the future together as one. We have to keep talking about how that plays out, but
we have to want to get there. We have to stand united or we fall divided. The future of this wider
community is worth fighting for. We all need to be on the same team, we have to care passionately
about the future of the whole parish, rallying around our collective survival and our future striving. It
means not being attached to how we get there as long as we get there. But I do what to hear your
concerns, hopes, dreams, what God is saying to you in prayer. We will figure out a way to do that
together. Many have approached me about how they can help, and we are working on creating a means
for people to do so. In the meantime, lets pray together. God has a vision for life for this Parish. God is
passionate about us and I know we are passionate about Him. As we continue to say yes to whatever
God wants, He will continue to say yes to us and bless us because its His work not ours and God is
passionate about his work and so we are members of His team united together as part of His