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“Holy Family Happy Family”

Today we see Mary and Joseph distraught over losing Jesus. When they finally find him days later in the temple at the feet of the doctors of the law, their reaction is amazing.
We are told Mary ponders all these things in her heart. She is able to take a very difficult situation and see God’s will in it. She is able to delight even in the midst of suffering. What a model she is for us.
Family members aren’t perfect. We have to have the courage to forgive each other, love greatly and put in 100% first to God and then to our family members. Here are a few suggestions to having a happy and holy family.

    love greatly, God and family members
    Forgive often and forgive quickly
    Strive to put God 1st in all things
    Make prayer a regular habit in our households
    Have the attitude of Mary by approaching a difficult situation with great love.
    Remember our identity as a child of God and love out that reality

God can’t be exhausted so we can come to Him for more and more because He delights to bestow good things on His children.
We come to the Holy Family for graces and blessings. A holy family is a happy family; a family where love reigns.

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