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“The Gift of All Gifts”

As great as the gifts are under the tree, it’s great to celebrate the gift of all gifts, Jesus.
A lot of people were expecting a king to come and set them free from a foreign government but our Messiah was born in a manger, hardly the appearance of a conquering king. God had a higher agenda. He wanted to set us free from so much more than the Romans. He came to set us free from sin and from death. He came in all humility so that everyone of us could identify with him and love him.
The news of his birth was first announced to shepherds, those who didn’t have anything to offer except themselves; bowing down before Him in adoration. Like the shepherds we don’t have to earn God’s love or his forgiveness or the freedom He won for us or heaven. It’s a free gift! Salvation is offered to us.
Like many who did not know what was going on in Bethlehem, today many don’t know the great gift of Jesus and the life he has for us.

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