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Praise the Lord

Many people aren’t into praising God. They simply don’t understand praise and have a lot of questions. “Why would God need praise? Is God so insecure that He needs us to say nice things about him?” Not at all! God doesn’t need praise or anything for that manner.

God made us. God knows us better than we know ourselves and therefore God knows what we need. Praise is good for us and we need it! Praise puts things into proper perspective. When we don’t give praise to God for who He is and what He has done, then we forget who we are. We begin to think that we are in charge, in other words that we are God. Often this isn’t something we do intentionally; but, ultimately that is what happens.

When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray He instructed them with the “Our Father”. The “Our Father” is a model for how we should pray. Step one is “hallowed be thy name”. That’s where we start by giving praise to God. Once we perceive God for who He is, praise is the logical response.  Yet praise doesn’t always come naturally, but that is no excuse. We need to acquire a taste for praise. We need to work at it. Just like a child being told to eat their vegetables and to do their homework they may resist, but that does not negate the need. 

We need to praise the Lord. It is simple and it works and the Lord will bless our efforts.