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The Fire of the Holy Spirit

We receive the Holy Spirit in baptism, but we do not necessarily receive the fire. Do we recognize the fire in ourselves, in others, or in the Church?

Now what do we mean by fire? It seems hard to define and yet maybe it is very simple. It is an enthusiasm for doing the work of God, the establishment and extension of the Kingdom of God. The Church today needs the fire more than anything.

The Holy Spirit can become like an ember in our lives that has slowly faded. It needs to be poked at, blown on and fueled. In other words we need to ask for the fire. The Church loses ground without the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Church is meant to grow! The normal condition of the Church, for you and for me, is to be on fire for the Kingdom! Anything else is abnormal!

Fr. Bob’s dream was that all people would be open and eager for the fire of the Holy Spirit. The fire is available for us today. God is still giving it. The question is whether or not we will be open to it. Will you give God permission and ask for the fire?