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The Epiphany

Audio Download: 1987-01-04 The Epiphany.mp3

Epiphany is the liturgical celebration where we commemorate the journey of the three wise men to Bethlehem as they searched for the new born King, Jesus Christ.

Do we understand what Epiphany means? It is the manifestation and revelation of God in a concrete visible way. The Epiphany came from an intense desire from God to reveal Himself so that we may come to know Him.

What does the Epiphany, which we celebrate every year, have to do with us today? Everything! The strategy that God used to manifest himself to the wise men is the same strategy that God uses today to manifest himself to you and to me. God’s strategy hasn’t changed. God's will prompts us from within, but first He needs our heart. If He has our heart, He will prompt us, encourage us, and guide us. The Gospel calls for a total response. What made the wise men wise is that they had given their hearts to God and they followed the promptings in obedience. Each one of us is called to be wise, whether that be wise men, wise women, or wise children.

Have you given the Lord your heart, and are you willing to respond to the “epiphanies” in your life?