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Capturing Hearts

Jesus came in obedience to the Father. He became one of us, taking flesh. Jesus was sent by the Father to proclaim the Good News of who God is, the Father’s love for us, and His plan for our lives. Jesus was in the business of capturing hearts.

This task of Jesus has been passed onto us, the Church. There are so many people today who do not know that God loves them! There is so much suffering in our world. People are sick, isolated, homeless, depressed, abandoned, and hungry just to name a few. We are called to love tangibly by going out and helping them. We must make the Gospel concrete, but we must not forget the spiritual needs as well. How many people in our world are lacking love? Loving them involves sharing the Good News.

The mission of sharing the Good News is not just for bishops, priests, or special outreach groups. The mission of evangelization is for the whole Church! That includes you! There should be a burning in your heart for the coming of the Kingdom of God. Do you have a frustration and discontent that most of the world does not know Jesus? The Lord today is asking us how we are doing in this regard. If the answer is not very well, then ask God to change that. The Lord will plant the desire in your heart to evangelize if you let Him. God’s power has not left the Church. We are entrusted with a large task, and yet it is ours. Will you take it on?

Homily was originally given on October 23, 1988 at St. Mary's Parish in Ottawa, ON.