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Why do we Need the Pink Candle?

I've been intrigued this week about why we need the pink candle in the Advent wreath? I’m also seeing a trend in our Advent Gospel readings:

  • 1st Sunday = Jesus, rob me of...
  • 2nd Sunday = Jesus, lead me...
  • This Sunday? = Jesus, send me out...

Jesus said to the disciples of St. John the Baptist, “Go and tell … what you hear and see.” (Mt. 11:4)

Jesus identifies with me in my blindness, lameness, poverty & loneliness and desires to encounter me there. When I do encounter Him, do I then give Him permission to send me out to witness to others so they too can encounter Him?

This is our call today, to go out to the world and tell others of Christ, by witnessing to what He has done for us, to be a pink candle to all those we meet!

Why do we need the pink candle in the Advent wreath?  Because it reminds us of our mission.

"Lord Jesus, I thank you for all that you have done for me in my life. I thank you Jesus for coming into my poverty, my blindness, my deafness, the dark areas of my life. I thank you Jesus for healing me and freeing me. Thank you Jesus.

"Lord Jesus, I give you permission to send me out. Go ahead of me now Lord and prepare the encounters that I will have with others this week. Help me Jesus. That were there is sadness may I bring joy; where there is fear may I bring confidence in you; where there is despair may I bring your hope; where there is confusion may I bring faith in you.

"Lord send me out. Send me out this rejoice Sunday to help others rejoice in you." 

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