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Jesus, Rob Me

What is to be our response to the end of the year of mercy? What is to be our response to the beginning of this new liturgical year? What was the particular grace that was offered to you in the year of mercy? What is the new particular grace that you are looking for in this new year?

God's mercy doesn't come to an end. Jesus will come again.

Is Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour of my life? Is Jesus the Lord of your life in every dimension of your life? Have I given the Lord permission to enter into every room in the house of my life? 

It is in the silence that God speaks to us. If we are not silent how can we listen to God? We live in a world that seems afraid of silence and there are not many places left that we can find it. 

I would like to challenge you to take a moment to notice the business of your heart and to choose to take time in silence to allow the Lord to calm your heart. Allow the Lord to speak gentle whispers of peace into your soul.

It is only in silence that Jesus tells us who he is, what he has done for us, and what he desires to do for us. It is only in silence that Jesus tells us who we are. 

Spending time in silence needs to be an essential part of our preparation for Christmas.

Jesus comes like a thief into our heart and into our life because he wants to rob from us that which is not of him, that which robs us of his peace. 

"Lord, come and rob me. Break into my life and steal out of my life whatever you want. You want all the stuff I have accumulated, you can have it. Rob me blind."

It is in being robbed that we are made free. He takes the things that are not of him and waits for us to give him permission. 

Let us ask the Lord for insight. How do you want me to cultivate and experience silence in this season of Advent so I can hear you coming?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Not listening to music as we are studying or working. 
  • Not using the Ipod as we are travelling or exercising.
  • Not listening to the radio in the car as we are driving along.
  • Not watching television while we are eating our meals.
  • Turning off the internet and our phones for 1 day of the week. 

Let us ask the Lord, "In what ways are you calling me to slow down and make for some quiet in my heart?"

"Jesus, I praise and thank you for the gift of your mercy. Thank you Lord for the many experiences of your mercy. I continue to keep my heart open to receive more of your mercy. Continue to purify me. Jesus, remove from me that in my life which is not of you. I pray for that one person I know who stands most in need of experiencing your mercy, that you would speak to their heart today, right now. Call them back to yourself.

"Lord, I pray for your grace, for your insight to know how you would have me cultivate more times of silence in my life. Jesus I am tired of being restless, irritable, and discontent. I give you permission to rob me. Break through the front door of the house of my life and rob me. Jesus, take away from me anything in my life that is not of you.

"Thank you Jesus for your love and your mercy. I commit myself once more today to living my life with you Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of my life. The King of my life. Amen." 

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