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Jesus Never Leaves Us

We all have our own leprosy, something that embarrasses us, something that humiliates us, something we wish the Lord would take from us, something we wish would go away.

What is it that leads us to God? What was it that led the lepers to Jesus? It is our particular 'leprocies' that bring us to God. It is our suffering which leads us to God. Do I bemoan, curse God, lash out at other people, complain; or, do I see this as a highway I can take to God?

Jesus visits us in our particular leprosy. Jesus will repeatedly come back to us.

"Jesus never leaves us."

He is always yearning for us to give him our 'yes'. He will not leave us alone. He wants to be with us. He waits for us to welcome him. He always fills us.

There is a deep part in each of us that craves an encounter with Jesus. When you and I make that decision to let Jesus into our lives, to let Jesus minister to us in our leprosy, when we are evangelized, when we help others come to that decision, life is never the same after. That encounter changes us. That gaze changes our hearts.

The healing that Jesus offers us happens through our attentiveness to his daily promptings and our attentiveness to the disciplines of the spiritual life.

Jesus calls us out of our loneliness and allows us to come near, to come close to him. Let us give Jesus permission to love us, in our poverty, weakness, and leprosy so that you and I can lead a great number of others to him by testifying how Jesus Christ has set us free.

All of us have a particular mission. Ultimately, we are all called to lead others to Jesus.

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