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It Opens: Fr. Jim MacGillivray Memorial Mass

Audio Download: 2017-04-07 It Opens.mp3

Fr. Allan MacDonald preaching at Fr. Jim MacGillivray's memorial MassIt opens, these 2 little words can bring about a monumental change in one's life. A monumental capacity to surrender ones life to the Lord. To make the decision to follow the Lord Jesus, not just contribute something, but make a total commitment.

"A pig and a chicken are walking down Yonge Street in Toronto. They see a sign in the window, bacon and eggs ¢65. The chicken says to the pig, 'Do you want to go in?' The pig says, 'No. For you its a contribution, for me its a total commitment."

Fr. James MacGillivray made a total commitment to the Lord Jesus.

The example of Fr. Jim's life was one of generosity, authenticity, faithfulness.

  1. Generosity: It opens. "Lord, my heart is open." His generosity flowed from his willingness to say to Jesus Christ, "It open. My heart, Lord Jesus is open." 
  2. Authenticity: He was a very authentic man. Why was Fr. Jim so effective in his ministry? Why was he so comfortable in himself? Because, he was real. Authenticity comes from you and me saying to Jesus, "My heart is open." There is no fakeness, no hiding, when we open our heart to Jesus. 
  3. Faithfulness: The Lord desires to be faithful to us. When you and I say to the Lord, "It opens," he comes in. But, he also says to us, "It opens. Enter into my heart as I desire to enter into your heart." 


Today, say to Jesus, "It opens. My heart is open."

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