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Everyone Who Belongs to the Truth Listens to My Voice (John 18: 37)

We live in a world that seems afraid of silence. There are not many places left where we can find it. In preparation for Advent I invite you to take up the same challenge that I am undertaking. Take a moment to notice the busyness in your hearts. Then choose to take time in silence and allow the Lord to calm you down and allow the Lord to speak his gentle whisper of peace into your heart. This is the challenge that was presented to me and I extend it to you.

We live in a very busy and noisy world where silence is little experienced; sometimes we are even afraid of silence. However, it is only in silence that Jesus will tell us who he is, what he has done for us, and what he desires to do for us.

Silence needs to be an essential element of our preparation for Christmas. [Tweet This!]

Let us ask the Lord for insight into how he wants us to experience silence so as to be able to hear his voice. All of us are called to hear and respond to the Lord. 

Here are a few suggestions for how we can incorporate silence into Advent.

  1. No music as you study or work.
  2. No listening to the radio when you get washed up and eat your breakfast.
  3. No I-pod as you exercise.
  4. No radio in the car.
  5. No television as you eat your meals.
  6. No internet on Sundays. 

Ask the Lord, "How do you want me to create silence in my life so I can hear your voice? How do you want me to slow down? How do you want me to quiet my spirit?" When we commit to these practices we come to hear the voice of the Lord.