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Be Real with the Lord

The most fruitful human activity is to be receptive to the love of God. When I experience God's love for me in my life, everything changes. 

There are certain benchmarks, hallmarks, sign-posts that we can identify which are indicators of my receptivity to the love of God the Father. 

  1. When I am relating to God I come before him in my poverty, not in my strength. Where in my life am I poor? Do I recognize my own poverty? Am I receptive to God's love in the areas where I desperately need to encounter the grace of God? When you and I are receptive to God's love, his love enters us and gathers at our place of poverty. 
  2. Engage in a process of rejection or renunciation. Reject and renounce all the lies that have been whispered to me or spoken to me that I have allowed into myself and that I falsely believe. It is the evil spirit who condemns us, ‘You're no good. You're a mistake.’ It is the good spirit, the Holy Spirit, who convicts us of the love our heavenly Father has for us. What lies have you and I been listening to?
  3. Make the choice to be a sail boat, not a motor boat. Think of ourselves as sail boat. A sail boat is dependent upon the wind. "Lord, I need to experience the power and grace of your Holy Spirit because relying on myself is not working. God I need your grace." Have a disposition of heart, where I am open to receive. The challenge of the Gospel is great, but it is not impossible. It is impossible by myself, but not impossible with God when I am receptive to receive his love. 
  4. It is not easy to love all the time is it? The call is to make a decision, a choice. We don't always feel like loving. We don't always see that we are being loved. When we enter into our vocation in life there is a honeymoon period. Then, we have to choose, every day, to love. 
  5. Being present. How many of us are living in the wreckage of the past or the anxiety of tomorrow and don't even know what is going on in front of us? God's love can be experienced right now, at this very moment. Do we come before the Lord and say "Lord, help me stay focused right now. What do you want me to do right now?" Experience the transformation and the effects of the love of God right now in the present moment.
  6. Being Real. When we become present we become real. We are not trying to hide behind a mask or trying to be perfect. But, to be real. We come before the Lord as we are, with scars, warts, all of it. Why do we come before him trying to be somebody that we are not? Be real with the Lord, he can handle it. 

Let us pray: 

“God, I still love you. Help me Jesus to love you right now. I don't want to live thinking only of the wreckage of yesterday or the anxiety of tomorrow. I want to know you. I love you right now. Thank you for loving me right now. Lord, help me to be real. Help me to put aside any masks, notions, images, and idols that I have been living behind. Thank you Lord that I can experience you in a real way today. Amen.”

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