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New Evangelization Needs a New Pentecost

What was the original evangelization? What were the apostles about? When we look at that carefully we see that it was about bringing people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It was about peoples lives being redeemed through an encounter with Jesus. It was about coming to know that Jesus is the living Lord who is alive today and on the move. 

Coming into a relationship with Jesus is the essence of the new evangelization. Everything else flows from that. 

When we think about the first evangelization of the apostles something was necessary. Jesus did not tell them to go out and evangelize right after he rose from the dead. Jesus said wait for the promise of my Father. What was that promise of the Father?

“It was Pentecost; it was the Holy Spirit.”

It is the Holy Spirit that is the principle agent of the new evangelization. It is the Holy Spirit who reveals to our spirits that Jesus is alive, that he is the living Lord, and that he is who he claims to be. 

The new evangelization requires a new pentecost. 

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