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Bishop McCaig, CC First Mass


Fr. Bob used to constantly point out that the first call of the apostles was not activity, it was to be with the Lord. He called them and chose them to be with him. We have to get to a place of deep intimacy with the Lord. Only then will our hearts and our minds begin to be conformed to his heart and his mind. 

“Our mission must flow from prayer. If we do not pray deeply we have nothing to give. But, if we abide in Christ, we can pour him out.”

Love for the Church

It was Christians who ended slavery, who invented universities, who started universal education, who advanced hospitals, who made almost every major scientific and humanistic breakthrough in the world. It was Christians who championed the notion of inalienable human rights, the primacy of conscience, and universal human equality and dignity. 

The world does not need more good advice. It needs the Good News in its full power. We need the faith in its purity and in its fullness. That faith changed the world once and it can do so again if we are living it. 

Witness to the Risen Christ

Jesus is not some remote historical figure, wise sage, or mere prophet. He is the living and risen Lord of all creation who is very much alive and on the move. He is our merciful saviour if we receive him and allow him to save us. He will not impose himself on anyone. He invites us. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the answer to the question that is every human life. He is the fulfilment of every human longing. 

“We evangelize which means we love people. This is what true evangelization is.”

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