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Fr. Francis Ching celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: Can Non-Catholics Baptize?

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According to Church law (Canon Law), in danger of death, anyone, including a non-Catholic person, can administer the sacrament of baptism, providing the following conditions are met:

Fr. Francis Ching, CC Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Do Priests Have to do Penance for Those Who Come to Him for Confession?

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Although failure to do so does not invalidate the sacrament, a priest hearing confession is strongly exhorted to perform penances for those who has come to him for confession.


Millions Will Visit A Catholic Church In The Christmas Season – Tips To Make Sure They Come Back!

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The following is an excerpt from ...

Fr. Francis Ching celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: Can I Do Confession Online?

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As much as I understand and sympathize with your need, confession is a sacrament and so must be received in person.

Fr. Francis Ching, CC Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Can You Recommend Good Resources to Help Understand the Bible?

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Can you recommend some books that can help “decode” difficult Bible Scriptures? I sometimes find it difficult to understand the meaning of the Bible Scriptures, such as the passage about division...

Fr. Francis Ching, CC portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Why Would God Let the Family of Job Die in Order to Test Job?

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But what if the person in question actually owns all life? God is the author of life. In fact, He is the essence of all life. Our life is not just His, but He Himself in essence. We owe our very...