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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

The Tithe

God's Old Testament people had some very concrete commands from him about what they were to contribute to his work. It was 10% of everything. And that meant 10% of their gross. Off the top. There is no record that Jesus ever abrogated this teaching. In fact, he urged people to even greater generosity. The early Church went even further. The earliest Christians made a radical commitment to share all things in common. 

I am convinced God still wants his tithe. A few years ago, having heard this word and prayed about it, I felt I could stall no longer. I took a deep breath and began to tithe. I have to testify that it has brought great blessings into my life. Whereas, before I started to do it, I was barely scraping by on a month-to-month basis, once I was into it, my bank balance was always quite sufficient. I think the Lord wants us to know that there is a promise attached to it. He doesn't commit himself to making us rich, but he does intend to take care of is. What tithing has done for me is to make it possible for me to stop being concerned about how I'm going to manage materially and allow me to concentrate more fully on the Lord himself. 

"I am convinced the Lord wants it of us. I would urge all Companions of the Cross and lay associates who are not doing so, to take a deep breath and to plunge into the fascinating world of the tithe. It's like getting ducked in cool water on a warm day. It's great once we get in." 

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