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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Smartest Move I've Ever Made

Just as Jesus called those who would listen to leave all things and follow him, so today the Lord calls as many as will hear him to make everything in their lives over to him and to make themselves fully available to him for his purposes here on earth. 

Salvation is offered to us as a free gift. Jesus has paid the full price for our entry into eternal life. We have been purchased by his saving death on the Cross. But salvation is not discipleship. Those who want to follow the Lord's call to give their lives over to him completely need to know that the cost of this discipleship is total. He wants everything. 

It is a wonderful call. The cost may be high, but the dividends are terrific. Not only in heaven, but right here right now. Those (whether married or single) who may be hearing the Lord's call into total commitment to him would do well to consider it careful. For my own part, I consider the decision to go all-out for God to be the smartest move I've ever made.

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