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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Love is Total Giveness

How can we do it? We have to make the choice. Love is a decision, a decision that God wants me to make. When I make it, he steps in and gives me the grace that renders it possible. 

“Love is total giveness. That's the way God loves - giving all and asking nothing back. I have to see love more as something I give than something I receive. I have to say and do the loving thing continually without expecting it in return. If I can do that, it will work, because that's what love is, that's the way God himself loves. My love has to be given without counting the cost, has to be given with no strings attached. That's what God will bless. And that's what will make our love, make our life together, a ministry to others. They will see it and be drawn to the Lord himself.” 

Is it possible? It has to be. It's what the Lord is asking of us. He doesn't ask the impossible. It rests with us. We have to choose it. When we do, he will make it possible. 

When we hear ourselves saying things like - “What about me? Why doesn't somebody do something for me for a change? What about my likes and dislikes?” - then we can be sure we are missing the boat. We are losing opportunities to love. St. Francis said that love is at its best when we are getting nothing at all. 

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