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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

A Journal is not a Diary

A lot of people shy away from the suggestion that they should consider keeping personal journals. It must be because they misunderstand what's involved. Or maybe these are the people who once tried to maintain diaries and found they couldn't stay with it. A journal is not a diary. 

A spiritual journal is related to my time of personal prayer, my daily quiet time with the Lord. Whatever writing I decide to do in it can ordinarily be done during prayer time. In fact, many people refer to these little notebooks as their prayer journals. 

"To my prayer journal I can commit my promises to the Lord. I can write my requests. I can thank him for blessings, for specific answers to petitions. I can summarize my day, include reflections on what I sense God may be saying to me, and record resolutions I make as to how I should respond. I can register my complaints. Among the things I think I've learned about the Lord is that the likes me to complain to him. He doesn't want me to complain to others, but he likes to give me the chance to get things off my chest in conversation with him. He can handle it. Even if I'm a bit angry with him, he doesn't mind my writing that down either. He is totally unthreatened by my annoyance. He knows allowing me to express it can be quite therapeutic for me. All of these things and more I can record in my journal." 

It may sound like a lot, but it really isn't. Five minutes a day should take care of it. Some days maybe nothing need to be written.


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