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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

I Just Know It's Right

We have a strong conviction that God himself has plans for his people and will convey them to us if we ask. The process of trying to get hold of his plan can be very difficult. It is not supposed to be so. But, our experience is hat it often poses quite a challenge. Our further conclusion is that the source of difficulty lies in the way we seek the word from him. As St. James says, "The reason you do not get what you are asking for is that you are not praying the right way." (James 4:3)

We, of course, are anxious to get it right. We know that it is God's plan that will work best and that, in fact,his will is really the only thing worth doing at all.

We have many decisions to make as we pilgrim forward with the Lord. The men who are pursuing a possible call to the priesthood have an obvious decision to come to. Those who are discerning marriage or the celibate state are likewise engaged in the same pursuit. But there are many other things that call for choices: school matter, family decisions, work directions. These are but a few. 

"Many factors tend to influence our decisions in one way or other. The one that most often causes difficulty is our feelings. God usually will speak his word in our hearts, and we will recognize it by the peace that goes with it. The problem is that we tend to confuse peace with feeling good. We have to be able to distinguish between peace and good feelings. "If it feels good, do it," is a teaching tat comes form the world, not from God. Feelings have a definite purpose in the plan of God, but they are most unreliable as factors in discernment. God's peace is most reliable." 

I can have true peace about something I think the Lord is showing me and, at the same time, not feel very good about it at all. Provided I am meeting the conditions for hearing the Lord correctly, the peace that he gives me enables me to say: "I just know it's right." I am not feel too great about it, but I know it's right. 

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