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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Faith, A Gift From God

“The same thing came up in class another day. One of the young men, also quite bright, asked: ‘How is it that all geniuses are atheists? If the concept of God is so simple, why do they not grasp it?’ It made for an interesting discussion. In the first place, not all geniuses are atheists. But, nonetheless, the world of academe is not generally noted for professions of faith. Why not? I would think it is simply that faith, a gift from God, is not an intellectual construct, and it comes from surrender to him, not from mental exercise. Those who have very high intelligence have a special problem to deal with in the matter of faith. The brighter a person is, the more he tends to assume that all truth is subject to human reason. But, the reality is that God transcends the human mind. Many academics seem to believe that there is nothing superior to the mind of man. Yet, God is just that.” Tweet Button

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