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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Evangelized People Are Different

Evangelization works a great change in people. Through it the Lord transforms lives. People, once evangelized, are often never the same again. 

Those who are effectively evangelized begin to manifest some common characteristics. They become enthused about their faith and living it out. Their patterns of conversation change. They begin to want to talk about the Lord and what they think they see him doing and hear him saying. Their involvement in the liturgy and ministries of the Church becomes of prime interest. They develop a hunger for learning the Scriptures. No longer are these meaningless. And they become eager, even sometimes to the point of making pests of themselves, to share with others what they believe they have received from the Lord. 

Evangelized people are different. They often become the backbone of the Church and their pastors find themselves running to catch up.

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