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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

Evangelize First, Last, and Always

Archbishop Plourde has told the Companions of the Cross that he wants us to be, above all, an evangelizing body. In all we do, we are to carry with us the Gospel of Jesus, the fullness of life. 

Thus, the Church's number-one priority has to become the same for the Companions of the Cross.

We will evangelize first, last, and always.

We will serve the poor, alienated Catholics, youth, and any others that our bishops direct us to serve, but we will try to evangelize as we serve. We will try in every way possible to help the Catholic Church to recover an effective ministry of evangelization and to become once again what it once essentially was - an evangelical Church. The Catholic Church, the Church that Jesus founded, the Church of the ages, must once again lead the way. 

Jesus has bidden his Church first and foremost to bring the Gospel to all mankind, to evangelize with all their hearts. The Companions of the Cross pledge themselves to that.  

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