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Fr. Simon and Marcus Schonnop

What Type of Church?

By Fr. Rob Arsenault, CC Vocations Director

Do not question in the dark what you saw clearly in the light.

This is an old spiritual truism, but it has taken a bit of a Combermere twist. You see, winter showed up in one night, quite literally!

We were enjoying a 10-degree (Celsius) day Saturday in what has been a delightful fall and then found ourselves in the years first winter storm. Now, everything is covered in a foot of snow. It’s not the darkness that is causing me to question, but the blanket of white that has engulfed my world.

There is a stark beauty to winter, especially in the countryside. But, I have often wondered what people from the south think the first time they experience the effects of snow (This will be first year applicant Jose Orozco’s first winter). It must seem as if everything is dead, the trees, the birds, the animals, all covered up in a mono form of white.

It is early in the season to start asking the question, but here it is; could there ever be life again in what seems like such a barren landscape?

Yet, everything that was there before the snow still remains. It is just hidden, waiting for another season to come forth and bring new fruit and new life. We know this to be true because the seasons continue to change.  

What an interesting metaphor for our current age; we have covered everything, every idea, every issue, every relationship with the pale film of postmodern secularism. The faith might at times seem dead; but I believe the seeds are still very much alive, just waiting for their proper season.

"And so, on this indoor winter's day I take some time to wonder what type of Church our seminarians are training for. Will it be the new springtime? Or, will they have to wait longer? Either way, my heart tells me to be patient. Easter is coming as it has these past two thousand years, and we on the farm are already beginning to get ready."



Fr. Rob

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