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Fr. Simon and Marcus Schonnop

We Are Stronger Together

We had a visit last Monday from five Madonna House Formation students and their Priest. Young men attend Madonna House taking a year to both grow in the spiritual life and discern God’s will for their vocation. It has been a tradition to get together for a meal at least once during the year. When you think of it, Madonna house and the Companions formation programs are a natural fit.

The evening was quite the success and it seemed to succeed on a number of different levels. The brothers did a great job cooking two turkeys with all the trimmings, 14 male appetites are not easily vanquished. I was happy to see how our seminarians seemed to effortlessly step into the role of hospitality, an important skill to have and something that goes beyond theology and church history.

So what’s the point?!

"We can teach information; but, character is something you have or you don’t. The brothers all seem to have it in abundance. This is good news for the future of the Church - more about that in another blog."

On a deeper level, it was good to share time with a group of young men all looking at the same issues and dealing with the same questions. It is edifying to know that you are not alone on the journey of faith. There are others willing to try the same difficult climb.

If we can take away one permanent lesson from the year of mercy, let it be the core belief that we are all in this together. The sooner we learn to connect with others, through both the good and the bad, the stronger we will become.

So take hope, if not from ten young men all considering the call of God in their lives, then from the truth that this is happening in seminaries, convents, and family homes all through our world today. God’s spirit may be often hidden, but it is never idol.

So good people, whatever your current situation, you are never alone. God knows you and he loves you! There are many, many others on the same path to the Kingdom. Praise God!



Fr. Rob

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