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Fr. Simon and Marcus Schonnop

The Remnant Church

St. Scholastica MonasteryLast week, our household travelled to our Companions foundation in Detroit. Mo-Town! Car City! WOW! We may be part of a remnant discipleship; but, we are still part of a large Church, a very large Church!

The first year applicants make an annual pilgrimage to Detroit. We visited the brothers living at the St. Scholastica household and the Convent household, 32 souls for dinner! We made a visit to Sacred Heart Major Seminary, a castle and something of a fortress. Our visit also included a general tour of the city and a visit to some shrines. It was enough to make your head spin!

Detroit is such an interesting place. In it you see the contrast between wealth and poverty, the US and Canada, and the Church as it was and what it might yet come to be.

Being a country boy at heart, the big city can be overwhelming. Not to mention, I currently live out in deep country Ontario.

However, I was moved by the tremendous potential of the city and the abundance of ministry opportunities available there. In fact, the city is crying out for an incarnation of the Gospel. Isn’t this the truth for much of our urban centres?

"Some of us live in big cities. Some of us live in small towns. Some of us live in the country. No matter where you live, if you are reading this, you likely belong to what I call the Remnant Church – those living simple, devout lives completely surrendered to the Lord, and sharing the Gospel message wherever they are and in whatever way they can. Basically, living like the first Apostles."

The theme of the Remnant Church has been on my mind since becoming the Vocations Director and moving up to Comberemere, ON. Our neighbours in Comberemere include Our Lady Seat of Wisdom post-secondary school and Madonna House.  We are surrounded by small groups of believers striving to live the simple life of a disciple, taking joy in the little graces of daily life.

I have heard the message in large and small crowds. Regardless of your location, the message remains the same.

"Jesus loves me, he loves you, and we are to extend that love to the world."  

Let us do our part well to live out the Gospel wherever we find ourselves and in whatever way we can.

The Remnant Church exists in the country and in the big city.



Fr. Rob

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