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Fr. Simon and Marcus Schonnop

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Welcome SignFarewell to Nova Scotia is something of an unofficial anthem for the Maritimes and is reflective of its seafaring tradition; I think you are supposed to sail away over the horizon with faint bagpipes playing and a following sea. But yesterday morning, with the beginnings of a sunrise, I did do something like that. I was driving an over packed Honda west on the highway towards Ontario.

There is a sign just on the boarder with New Brunswick. For the first time in many years (we used to stop there when I was a child) I actually pulled in and took a moment to reflect on the twelve years I have been living and ministering on the East Coast.

You truly do not appreciate where you are until you are asked to pull away. I will miss the rugged charm of the land; and, yes I will miss sailing on its open and demanding waters. Strangely, I will miss the weather and its extremes (we used to joke that it was one of two possibilities: beautiful, or trying to kill you). But most of all, I will miss the good people that I have come to know and love.

"Like the elements of wind, rock, and sea that surrounds and shapes them I have always found Maritimers to be an honest and straightforward people. Once you have accepted them for who they are, they will accept you and make you one of their own (I had a bit of an advantage coming from PEI)." 

Over the past years, I have been supported, encouraged, and well taken care of by the good and loving people of Atlantic Canada. I will always carry something of that into my new duties and responsibilities.

So, I do pray that you will all ‘fare well’ indeed. Until we meet again, God's peace and thank you!


Fr. Rob Arsenault

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