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Fr. Simon and Marcus Schonnop

Be Encouraged by the Next Generation

Fr. Rob Arsenault PortraitThere is darkness, and then there is Combermere darkness! 

My first day at the farm begins just after 6:00am as I find my way to the coffee pot and then to the Chapel. Both are occupied by several of our five new applicants and an addition of three guests who have joined us for the week on a ‘come and see’ visit. 

The overall effect is one of contrast. A deep, dark (literally) question of, "what am I doing awake at this ungodly hour in the dark of rural Ontario?" The answer,

"I am praying, living, and being encouraged by the next generation of potential vocations to the Companions of the Cross."

Adoration Chapel at Assumption FarmBy the end of personal prayer, and as the caffeine slowly asserts its presence in my system, the Chapel has filled with the light of a new dawn and, with it, the presence and hope of the next generation of believers and leaders for our Church. 

A good start to the first day!  

"There is always hope" (Aragorn, at the battle of Helms Deep, Lord of the Rings)

Fr. Rob A

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