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Fr. Simon and Marcus Schonnop

Vocations Blog

‘MEN WANTED for hazardous and challenging journey. Low wages, cultural indifference, long hours and spiritual darkness. Once set on the plow handle, there will be no looking back. Final rewards, so incredibly worth the sacrifice.’

Seminarians praying

A Vocation Springtime

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But somehow they all find their way here and for the most part just fit right in with our current applicants.

Fr. Rob Arsenault and Fr. Jim MacGillivray

A Pope, the Founder of a Religious Order, and a Friend

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He modelled a priesthood that was livable, human, and filled with joy.

St. Scholastica Monastery

The Remnant Church

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"Jesus loves me, he loves you, and we are to extend that love to the world."  


We Are Stronger Together

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The sooner we learn to connect with others, through both the good and the bad, the stronger we will become.

Assumption farm welcome sign

Quiet Interruptions

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We had our first power outage yesterday, an issue in rural Ontario and a real problem during the winter cold. We lost power just before 6:00 am.

The Fulfilment of all Desire Book Cover

Live Life Fully!

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“God is going to do most of the work. We still have to make some effort. Yes, there will be some suffering involved. It will be so incredibly worth it!”