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The Bedardian Cover Photo

The Bedardian

Fr. Mark during Adoration

We Are All Called

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

By virtue of your baptism you are called to be holy and to be a missionary.

Fr. Scott Preaching

Lay People Have the Access

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

We desire to lead people into a living relationship with Christ. But as a priest, I don’t often meet people who are unbelievers.


We Evangelize Continually

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

The works that we do are varied, but they are always coloured with the proclamation of the kerygma. We evangelize continually.


Practical Evangelization

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

We achieve our mission by means of total surrender to the Lord. Total surrender is important. 

Bishop Riesbeck with Eucharist

Renewing the Person

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

When a person is touched by the Holy Spirit they are changed.

Eucharistic Adoration

Use Your Gifts

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

We all have different gifts. Each one of us have gifts which are indispensable for the life of the Church. If we want to go forward we have to be working within our giftedness.