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What is the Church's Mission?

Right in the middle of John Paul II’s call for a New Evangelization, Fr. Bob received the call to found a community dedicated to evangelization, especially evangelization of the baptized. 

What was the old evangelization? We know that there were missionaries who went across to different continents to Africa and South America where they presented the gospel for the first time. 

The New Evangelization is preaching, sometimes evangelizing those, who perhaps are already in the pews, who don’t really know Christ. Who don’t have that living daily relationship with the Lord. 

Our community was founded as part of the same current of grace as the New Evangelization. We are a fruit of that prophetic call from the Holy Spirit through recent Popes.

Our Mission is Evangelization.

“We must organize for justice. We must labour for peace. We must lobby for life. We must reach out and serve all those in need – the hungry, the lonely, the alienated, the sick, the imprisoned, the abandoned, the despairing, the addicted. The list is long. But... one ministry stands first, head and shoulders above the rest: evangelization.” (Fr. Bob Bedard, Constitutions & Rules - Identity)

“We participate in the ongoing renewal of the Church through a dynamic evangelization according to the spirit of our founder.” (Constitutions & Rules, C4)

"Evangelization is key to the renewal of the Church. We want to see a renewed Church." Tweet Button

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