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We Evangelize Continually

Road“As we surrender our lives and everything we do to him, give him full permission to do with us as he wills, make ourselves completely available to him, and are committed totally to his purposes, we clear the way for him to accomplish his will.” (Constitutions & Rules, C23)

“What I want from you is your permission. I want you to give me permission to do what I want to do. And, not only that, I want you to tell the people that you are giving me this permission, and that I want their permission, too. If I get enough permissions, I’ll move. When I do, you’ll see it. You can then point it out, and get everybody to support it.” (The Lord’s word to Fr. Bob: Companions of the Cross, page 31)

The works that we do are varied, but they are always coloured with the proclamation of the kerygma. We evangelize continually.

We believe that when the proclamation of the Gospel is made clearly, and the hearer responds positively to the person of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit moves to change and transform the person from within. Tweet Button

“A proclamation of the Good News of Christ, proclaimed in such a way as to elicit an affirmative response from the hearer, so that the Holy Spirit can take over and transform the person who is hearing it to say ‘yes’ to Christ.  It is something that you and I start and that God finishes. It is the power of God going to work and doing what God does best: capturing a human heart for Himself, causing someone to fall in love with Him, which is what He wants.  That’s what evangelization is.” (Fr. Bob Bedard)

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