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We Are All Called

Fr. Mark during Adoration“We desire to be at the service of dynamic and more fruitful celebrations of the Sacred Liturgy by helping the people of God to enter more whole-heartedly into this act of worship of Christ to his Father in the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Constitutions & Rules, R51.3)

These dynamic celebrations of the Mass require a people well-disposed, hungry for the Word and the Eucharist, lay ministries that are alive and engaged. The Eucharist is fuel for the fire of the new evangelization. We eat fire and the Holy Spirit. 

We desire to be united with lay people in fulfilling the mission of the Church. We wish to affirm the importance of their baptismal call and to promote their gifts for the apostolate. (R51.6)

By virtue of your baptism you are called to be holy and to be a missionary. Tweet Button

The universal call to holiness and call to mission are for every member of the Church. That’s why we have canonized so many saints out there from every walk of life. St. JPII canonized a lot of people to help us all realize that holiness and sanctity is for everybody regardless of your walk of life, regardless of your vocation. 

Vatican II called for this and Fr. Bob got this.

All of you as lay people need to go from pray, pay and obey to priest, prophet and king!

Mary is the Star of the New Evangelization. Not only by her example, but through her intercession.

If we are going to do this, if we are going to take on this task we need Mary. 

When mariners are lost they look for the north start that is unmoving, a sure and certain guide that leads them where they want to go. The Blessed Virgin is that star in evangelization. She brings Jesus to Elizabeth. In her role as Queen Mother, she leads people to Jesus. As St. Augustine says, “Just as Jesus was born through the Blessed Virgin, so all the members of Jesus are born through her prayer and intercession.”

We stress praying the Rosary for the salvation of souls.

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