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Renewing the Person

Bishop Riesbeck with EucharistOur first priority is seeking the renewal of the person. 

“[We have] a strong conviction that God desires to touch and inflame the lives of all his people; the renewal of the Church through the renewal of the person. Personal conversion, discipleship, empowerment, and ‘calling forth’ of individuals to ministry comprise the chief strategy for renewal. Social and institutional changes will flow more easily from a renewed people. Personal conversion is the necessary first step.” (Our Roots)

When a person is touched by the Holy Spirit they are changed. Sometimes it seems like there is even a change in personality. I have seen people who were very quiet become very alive. There is a personality change in the person. It’s not always dramatic; but, sometimes it is. 

We know that when the Lord first called His disciples, there was a time, a 3 year period, where there was discipleship.

They were learning the discipline of the Lord. He was teaching them. Tweet Button

He empowered them and then they went forth. He called them 2 by 2. He said go out, I am giving you power and authority to trample on demons to cure the sick and to raise the dead. We know of course at Pentecost when the Spirit came down they were really empowered to go forth. They were ministering in tandem with Jesus. 

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