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Renew the Church

The Holy Spirit“Where Jesus is lifted up and proclaimed with confidence and joy in the power of the Holy Spirit many are attracted to him and the Church grows… where the message is not clear, where there is doctrinal and moral confusion, where Jesus is not at the center, where the Holy Spirit is not free to move, hardly anyone comes and many who are already there leave for practical paganism or other Churches.” (Ralph Martin, The Catholic Church at the End of an Age, p. 135)

We have seen that in the Catholic Church. Many people have left. There is a lot of confusion in the Church because Jesus is not being proclaimed as Lord and saviour. 

Evangelization is a sign of a healthy Church - “When the Church is psychologically healthy, when She’s sound in her soul, when She knows who She is, She’s moving forward and spontaneously proclaiming the Gospel. That’s the dynamism that the Holy Spirit is bringing back into the life of the Church again: that every believer is in movement, in a state of mission.” (Peter Herbeck)

We are all called to evangelize. I heard this little quote a while back “A person is not truly evangelized until they are evangelizing themselves until they are teaching others to evangelize.”

If we are really evangelized we’re going to want to give Jesus to others. Our lives are going to be so inundated by the Holy Spirit that it is going to be bubbling forth. We must talk about Jesus if we are evangelized because Jesus is our life. He is everything to us. Tweet Button

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