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The Bedardian Cover Photo

The Prayer of the Evangelist

Seminarians and priests praying at the tomb of Fr. Bob BedardPrayer of the Evangelist  (from “The New Covenant Community”)

Lord Jesus, it seems that in every direction I look, whether in my own home, on the job, or across the nation and the world, I see people who are hurting. I know you have a burning desire to reach out, touch and restore the lives of your people, now imprisoned and crippled as a result of separation from you; and Lord, you need workers, so I offer myself.

Empower me through your Holy Spirit -- your promise and gift to your followers and your very presence within my own heart -- to reach out to those broken ones who desperately hunger for love and healing as did the people who followed after you on the sun-baked roads of Israel centuries ago.

Especially, Lord, fill me with the gifts of wisdom and discernment as I attempt to gather into your kingdom those whose hearts are cold and bitter, those who do not believe in you at all, those who do not care about you, and those who do not realize how much you love them. Place your words upon my lips. Work through me despite my own wounded condition to heal and restore those burdened by physical or emotional sickness. Cleanse and purify me that I might serve you well.

Lord Jesus, I love you. I want to serve you. Fill my heart with the power of the Holy Spirit and let that power spread like fire into my family, my parish, my country and my world. Through my hands continue your mission "to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to the captives" (Luke 4:18), that all may come to know you and live in your kingdom forever.  Amen.

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