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Learning to Evangelize

World's Tallest Statue of JesusLearning to Evangelize - Fellowship with “on fire” Christians

“I have come to set a fire upon the earth, and how I wish it were already blazing!”  (Luke 12:49)

Ex. Campfire analogy: Before you put a log on the fire you set it nearby for it to dry out and warm up.  When it catches fire, the moisture and the rotten parts are the first to be burnt up.  The heart of the log is then transformed, becoming more and more like the fire, sharing in the nature of the fire.  Finally, it becomes fire.  In the same way, we are transformed and united with Jesus, the all-consuming fire of God’s love.

  • School of Evangelization: Engage in spiritual conversations, share the basic gospel message, your testimony, pray with people, learn apologetics for evangelization, evangelize at home, at work, door-to-door.

“To be Christians means to be missionaries, to be apostles.  It is not enough to discover Christ – you must bring Him to others!  You must have the courage to speak about Christ, to bear witness to your faith through a lifestyle inspired by the Gospel.  The harvest is great indeed for evangelization and so many workers are needed.  Christ trusts you and counts on your collaboration.”  (Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day, 1989)


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