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How do Lay People Evangelize?

How do lay people evangelize?

Focused on the people in the world

As lay people, you have access to those who won’t darken the door of a Church. It’s hard for me to run into those people, because they’re avoiding the place where I work!

“The lay faithful’s position in the Church [is] distinguished by their secular character.”

“We sometimes think that if something is ‘secular’, it is bad, or second rate, but you are called to be ‘in the world, but not of it.’” Tweet Button

“Deep involvement & full participation in the affairs of the earth, the world…with the purpose of spreading of the Gospel that brings salvation.”  (Vatican II, Christifideles Laici, 15)

We have to go outside of our “comfort zone” in order to evangelize!

“Do not be afraid to break out of comfortable and routine modes of living in order to take up the challenge of making Christ known in the modern metropolis.  It is you who must go out into the byroads (Mt. 22:9) and invite everyone you meet to the banquet which God has prepared for his people.  The Gospel must not be kept hidden because of fear or indifference.  It was never meant to be hidden away in private.  It has to be put on a stand so that people may see its light and give praise to our Heavenly Father (Mt. 5:15-16).”  (Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day, 1993)


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