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Common Evangelization Fears

The Bedardian PhotoFear of the unknown:  Perhaps we haven’t evangelized before, or we don’t feel qualified.

The Call of God:  “It is precisely because he is ‘sent’ that the missionary experiences the consoling presence of Christ, who is with him at every moment of life – ‘Do not be afraid . . . for I am with you” (Acts 18:9-10)…”  (RM 88)

  • We are not doing our own thing! We are God’s representatives with His power & authority.

  • Being formed in apologetics and evangelization helps us to grow in confidence in God.

Fear of rejection:  “What will people think of me, if I evangelize?”

  • Love: Our love for God’s people must be stronger than our fears. “Perfect love [that] casts out all fear.”  (1 John 4:18)
  • We find our identity in Christ, and not in what others think of us. Rest in your identity as a son or daughter of the God of the universe!

Fear of failure: "What if I turn someone off to the Gospel?  No one seems to be responding." 

Hope:  “We ought not to become discouraged or cease to witness even when we are called to manifest our faith in an environment that is hostile or indifferent…  For we know that we are not proclaiming a human truth, but the ‘word of God,’ which has an intrinsic and mysterious power of its own (cf. Rom 1:16).” (RM 45)

“God asks for our faithfulness, not success.” (Mother Teresa)

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“Do not be afraid to break out of comfortable and routine modes of living in order to take up the challenge of making Christ known in the modern metropolis. It is you who must go out into the byroads (Mt. 22:9) and invite everyone you meet to the banquet which God has prepared for his people. The Gospel must not be kept hidden because of fear or indifference. It was never meant to be hidden away in private. It has to be put on a stand so that people may see its light and give praise to our Heavenly Father (Mt. 5:15-16).”  (Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day, 1993)

“Do not be afraid...”

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