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Dan Potvin Portrait

The Joy of Stewardship - Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance

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When you are weak, seek God’s unconditional mercy and He will give you strength. And, with hope and joy, persevere in your journey to being the best disciple and steward you can be.

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: What is the spirit of Fasting?

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On the days of fasting such as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, in Canada, Catholics aged 18-59 are bound to fast; those 14 and older to abstinence. My mom is over 60 so she does not have to fast,...

Seminarian Brenton and Bishop Scott

Why You Should Want the Gift of Tongues

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“All of a sudden, I found myself praying with greater intensity, in words and sounds I could not understand, and as best as I can describe, my prayer was being articulated from deep within my...

Fr. Francis Ching celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: What's with Novenas?

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Novenas are always nine days, since the word’s very meaning is “nine days”. It originated from Acts 1, as Mary and the 120 disciples waited in the Upper Room in Jerusalem to pray for the coming of...

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The Top 10 Reasons to Give on Giving Tuesday

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Don't wait until Giving Tuesday to double your impact. Make your Giving Tuesday gift today!

Seminarian Brenton Cordeiro

4 Heroic Stories of Military Chaplains Who Went Beyond Their Call of Duty

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They reflect the love of Jesus to those around them, often in heartbreaking and difficult situations. In some cases, they even go to the point of laying down their lives for their companions.