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UNITE with the Vision

“I see the Church waking up and coming explosively alive to the point where it, with the Holy Spirit, will shake the earth and the nations with its dynamic presence.” –Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

What does an explosively alive Church practically look like?

I was recently asked to compile a few pictures of one of our priests for a television interview he will be featured in.

I searched this priest’s name in our image database and began scrolling through all the pictures we have of him. As I was scrolling I began to tear up a little, this was becoming an unexpectedly emotional task.

“I was struck by how many lives this priest had brought Christ into. It seemed like it was never ending.”

Isn’t that what being a Catholic is all about, bringing Jesus to the people. That is who the Companions of the Cross are – Bringers of Christ.

If you believe in this vision, if you want to see the Church Explosively Alive, we invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity! Unite with us in this vision as a first-time donor and have your gift matched dollar-for-dollar.  

Double your impact; make your donation today!

(Challenge ends December 31, 2017)

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