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(A Seminarian Speaks) Take a Friend to Church This Holy Week: It Could Change Their Life

Fr. Ben St. Croix CandleThe following is an excerpt from seminarian Brenton Cordeiro's blog on CatholicLink. Brenton Cordeiro is a seminarian with the Companions of the Cross.

Each year during Holy Week, we celebrate the most fundamental aspects of our Catholic faith. We remember the love of God, the sacrifice of His Son Jesus for our sake, the institution of the Eucharist, etc. Perhaps most importantly, we rejoice at the end of Holy Week when Jesus, who died, rises from the dead, and in doing so releases us from our bondage to sin and gives us hope for eternal life.

Holy Week can be a great opportunity to evangelize a friend, especially someone who thinks that the Catholic faith is just a bunch of rules. We do not follow Jesus or abide by His teachings because He was an eloquent teacher, but we follow Him because by dying for us, He showed us how much He loved us and how a way back to the Father has been restored through Him. The unique liturgical services during Holy Week week help unpack and tangibly demonstrate the love, power and glory of Christ.

"So, if you have a friend or loved one who hasn’t been to Church for a while, consider inviting them to come to church with you during Holy Week. Throughout Holy Week, we are reminded about how sin once separated us from God, and how that relationship has been restored again through Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection..." Tweet Button

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