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Introducing... Dan Potvin

“Only in the unfolding of our lives in the events of history is the eternal plan of God revealed to each of us. No one must forget that the Lord, as master of the labourers in the vineyard, calls at every hour of life.” St. John Paul II

Looking back at the events of my life, I can see God’s plan unfolding in preparing me to join the Companions of the Cross as their Director of Mission Advancement. God prepared me first, during my 14 years at The Archdiocese of Winnipeg, as the Director of Stewardship. Then in 2014, God called me to NET Ministries, and in May of 2015, after a year on staff with NET, my wife Lynn and I moved from Manitoba to Ottawa where I have been serving NET as their Director of Stewardship & Mission Advancement. Trusting that God has now called me to another part of the vineyard gives me the confidence that he will provide all that is needed for me to assist in advancing the Companion’s mission of evangelization and renewal in the Church.

Saying yes to this calling is providing me with an opportunity to give back to the vocation of priesthood, a vocation that has meant so much to me. As I reflect on my journey in faith, I fondly recall the many priests who have had a positive impact, in fact, in some cases a transformational impact, on my growth as a disciple, and in my personal and professional life. For me, working for the Companions is one way I can say thank you to God for his gift of the Ministerial Priesthood. Over the years, I have witnessed that parish vitality either rises or falls on leadership, be it inspiring liturgies, stewardship in a parish, or youth ministry. Recruiting and forming priests as strong leaders is essential to the future of our Church, and this is exactly what the Companions excel at, and what has attracted me to the community.

In my role as Director of Mission Advancement, I will direct and manage a comprehensive development program that includes, online giving, annual campaigns, major gift relationships and planned giving (estate gifts). I will also work with the CC Communications team to develop, plan and execute strategies that will cultivate the spirituality of stewardship in the community, and among our constituents and donors. Moreover, seeking to add value to relationships with our stakeholders, benefactors, and Church leaders will be a priority. In doing so, I hope to create a greater awareness of the Companions of the Cross in the Church in North America.

I look forward to working with the staff, priests, and seminarians in developing the resources and relationships that will dramatically move our mission forward. Always hopeful and grateful in our good and gracious God, please pray for me.

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